Highlight Videos of Your Life


Life is Worth Remembering

Life is full of fun and memorable events and experiences. From birthday parties to family vacations, concerts to business events, they all hold a special place in our memory. But what if those memories could be captured at multiple angles, remembered in new ways, and shared with friends, family, and the world? We believe they can.

Koalie is an iPhone app that lets you capture, remember, and share your life experiences by creating a highlight video of each experience, no matter how big or small, with the people around you. You can keep this highlight video forever, remember it in new ways, and share it with your friends, family, or the world.

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David B.

Creative Co-Founder

David has an eye for design. He obsesses about user experience and works day and night perfecting Koalie so it's ready for the market. David's beard has been rated a 10 out of 10 by all 2 of his co-workers.


Logan Fritts

Business Co-Founder

Logan Fritts loves design, marketing, and technology, and Koalie has allowed him to bring all these elements together to create the Koalie brand. Plus, check out that hair!


Maria Saavedra

Technical Co-Founder

Maria started her career in software development at the age of 16 and is proficient in Javascript, HTML, Swift, and a ton more that we don't have room to include. She's pretty much the coolest.


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