Blood, Sweat, Time, Frustration, Tears and a Partnership that Lasts


I can't begin to describe to you how much work as been put into this app. To be brutally honest with you, we have had many frustrations, arguments, and tears while developing this app. But even so, we have had many successes, joyful moments, and anticiaptions.

Ever since the idea was developed two years ago by co-founder Logan Fritts (the guy on the left), we have been working day in and day out trying to make this app a reality. Our team as sacrificed many hours for this app, and we will continue to have that mindset in the future.

The Why Factor 

We have passion and we have skill, there is no doubt about that. But we also have purpose. Our why factor is big. Our team's goal is to change the way people share and make memories. We want people to live better and happier lives, and memory sharing plays a big role in that. Sure, we want to make millions of dollars, and you can count on it that we will, but our purpose is greater than that. Won't you help us in that? 

Here's the Deal

No matter what, we are going to do everything we can to make this app a reality. It's that plain and simple. But we would really rather have you be apart of our team and help us change the way people make and share memories. We would love you to be on board with us!

Contact us NOW about becoming a partner!